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Made from the finest materials & created by true American craftsman!

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The Cat Dazzler is a top quality fly rod and fly cat toy. This hand crafted cat toy is created from the finest materials and built for durability. Designed for indoor or outdoor use, it will entertain both the owner and pet for hours on end. Here is a glimpse of the creative process behind the construction of Cat Dazzlers.

 Step 1 - Shaping the hardwood handle


The construction of a Cat Dazzler begins with the selection of a solid block of richly toned hardwood which is carefully shaped and balanced, then polished into a work of art.

Create your own Dazzler Dance

With a little practice you can create your own Dazzler dance that will cause your pet to launch herself into the air and attempt to claim the Dazzler as her own.

Watch the video on the right to get a sense of the craftsmanship and patience that goes into each Cat Dazzler. 

Step 4 - Attaching the Dazzler


Lastly the Dazzler is attached. Each Dazzler is hand tied using a polycarbon head and mylar skirt. The Dazzler is very light in weight making it ideal to cast. The slightest hand movements transfer energy to the Dazzler to create an exciting and tempting dance in front of your cat.

Step 3 - Applying the fluorocarbon leader

The tip of the rod is fused to a fluorocarbon leader that makes casting all the easier and under the right light condition becomes invisible. Fluorocarbon is also very abrasion and knot resistant adding to the durability of your Cat Dazzler.

Step 2 - Applying the carbon fiber blank


Next the carbon fiber blank is fitted into the handle and affixed so the blank and handle become one. Carbon fiber blanks are used so that the transfer of energy between you and the Dazzler is 100 percent. The blank also allows for equal energy to be applied with your pet. As your pet pulls the rod, the rod pulls back with the same force.