Every Cat Dazzler is made from richly toned hardwood, carefully shaped & balanced. 

The Bungee Mouse attachment is a realistic decoy that your pet will love to chase. 

Dazzlers are colored mylar and polycarbonate attached by a fluorocarbon leader
Cat Dazzler is a top quality, completely hand made, fly rod and fly cat toy designed to last a lifetime. This uniquely designed toy not only assures your cat will get a feline workout, it will also provide hours of entertainment for both of you as your cat jumps, runs, and dives to catch the Dazzler. 


  • Made by American Craftsmen
  • Richly Toned Hardwood
  • Built to Last
  • Lightweight
  • Flexible Carbon Fiber Rod
  • 58" Master Rod with Dazzler
  • 58" Master Rod with Bungee Mouse
  • 46" Original Rod with Dazzler
  • 42" Original Rod with Petite Handle 
  • Replacement Dazzlers & Mouse

To last a lifetime!


Every Cat Dazzler cat toy is a durable and unique piece of functioning art.